Greybark Adventurers' League

The Tomb of Duke Främdschämen

Greybark Library Pulp Fiction

After the last adventure, during the wedding, Kino the Ranger and Olen the Shadow Warden adventured into the mausoleum of Duke Främdschämen’s manor. The mausoleum had a catacomb underneath, and the catacomb was swarming with undead.

After killing off the undead, Kino and Olen were attacked by a shadow child, which is what happens when fairies go bad. The shadow child was powerful, but Kino and Olen overcame it and Kino picked up the Gem of Shadows that the shadow child left behind.

A rest at the wedding and some healing later they went back to the mausoleum, and Kino awakened some evil fairies from a statue. The fairies had magic wands and they turned Kino’s spear first into a Christmas tree and then into candy floss, and Olen’s knife into a feathery flyswatter.

The fairies were beaten and the weapons turned back to normal or even a bit better. Returning triumphant to the wedding, Kino and Olen’s carousing got out of hand… What will happen next?


wonkofish Sasurappu

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