Tag: Pulp Fiction


  • Secret of Duke Främdschämen

    The group - the Templar Gallahad, Knight Errant Skip, Shadow Warden Olen and Archaeologist Dashel - all were in the dungeon of Duke Främdschämen for various reasons, and in the morning they would be burned at stake for the Princess's wedding. The group …

  • The Tomb of Duke Främdschämen

    After the last adventure, during the wedding, Kino the Ranger and Olen the Shadow Warden adventured into the mausoleum of Duke Främdschämen's manor. The mausoleum had a catacomb underneath, and the catacomb was swarming with undead. After killing off …

  • Greybark Library

    Greybark Library Pulp Fiction is a series of non-canon adventures that the Greybark Village folks can read at the Greybark Municipal Library. Players can GM Greybark Pulp FIction games. Contact the GMs if you feel like GMing a Pulp FIction Game!