NPCs of Note

In Greybark Village

Greybark Town Watch

  • Everett – Captain of the Town Watch
  • Miles – Town Guardsman

Lumbermill Workers:

Wizard’s Keep

  • Bartholomew Chief Librarian
  • Esmer Professor of Entomology, reckless and unethical in her research.
  • Professor Franklin Wine Apothecary, micro-brewer, moonshiner. Bee-loved by the bees.
  • Rahare Elf in charge of Greybark Logging Implements

In Greybark Forest

  • The Abomination – a gargantuan arachnid of living metal, perhaps a corrupted Ancient Greybark, or constructed from one.
  • Altariel – An Elder Greybark a couple days north of the VIllage, or perhaps the elven child who lives in her branches.
  • Deep Roots – An Elder Greybark, a day’s journey from the VIllage
  • Geoffrey Parray – New, New Prophet of The Order of Fookers
  • Tiny DEAD – a Bandit Cult Leader
  • Ulfred – a Bandit, a Princess-in-Disguise
  • Vernroot – An Elder Greybark about six hours from the Village.
  • Yakky the Dire Yak – Rescued from dire-poachers by heroes

in the World

  • The Rat King – a plague bearer; driven from the Greybark Forest, never to return..?
  • Zhong Mah – a twisted mystic from far away

NPCs of Note

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