The Organized Factions:

Poor Folk
Rich Folk
The Sewer Rats
The Wizards
Workin Folk

The Others

  • Albus Knights – A militant order of Paladins who have seized control of the lands across the Western Sea.
  • Greybark Bootleggers – Ner-do-wells who make fake Greybark wood for export. AKA – Greyfarce Syndicate
  • Karver Family – An ancient family from the hills south of Greybark.
  • Mysterious Cult – A group seemingly bent on collecting arcane knowledge of an evil nature.
  • The Order of Fookers – a cult of ~40 bandits that gathered around the party after their defeat of an evil demigod in their presence. They look to Knuckle and Content Not Found: zzz-generic-thief as prophets.
  • The Poisoners’ Guild of Greybark Village – A guild of rogues, assassins, and sweet old ladies who bake poisoned pies.


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