Greybark Adventurer’s League (GAL) will incorporate many players into ad-hoc groups playing in games with various GMs. Dungeon World Playbooks are available for character creation as follows:

Core Playbooks
Greybark GMs are asked to accommodate each of the Playbooks published as “Core” Playbooks as published by the Dungeon World authors:

  • The Barbarian
  • The Bard
  • The Cleric
  • The Druid
  • The Fighter
  • The Immolator
  • The Paladin
  • The Ranger
  • The Thief
  • The Wizard

Duplicate Playbooks
To accommodate a large character base, GAL waives the Dungeon World prohibition of duplicative playbooks in a session, and encourages players to differentiate their characters in the fiction.

Third-Party Playbooks
Dungeon World requires the GM to be a fan of each character. This also means the GM must understand that character’s playbook well enough to reward and challenge them and to provide exciting opportunities relevant to that playbook.

There are countless 3rd party Playbooks available, and each requires understanding and commitment from a GM to incorporate those aspects that make its characters stand out.

GAL GMs are asked to allow all of the Core playbooks, and to build a list of any third party Playbooks that they are comfortable with. Please look at each GM’s page to determine which Playbooks they approve.

Note: If one GM approves a Playbook but another GM has not approved that same playbook, you may have limited options in playing that character. Be mindful of this during character creation!

To avoid inundating GMs with requests to study Playbooks, we are working on an organized way to provide a review-request list, and this should be implemented shortly.


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